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We don’t view SEO

through the same lens

as most online marketers



Personal attitude

Personalized approach and listening to each client’s needs.

Big Picture Approach

We always strive to see the big picture of the current situation.

Attention to Detail

Overall success in our profession depends on the small details.


All sites that come out of our company are SEO optimized.

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Our Primary Services

Search Engine Optimization

Google Ads PPC Management

WordPress Development

Analytics Consultancy

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SEO Pricing Plans

Powerful and reliable services for website audit and SEO optimization

See all the services we offer, depending on the type and volume of the website, and with specific needs and cases.

Minimum Plan

BGN per month
  • for Small Businesses
  • Websites Up to 10 Pages
  • Minimum period - 6 months

Optimal Plan

BGN per month
  • for Medium Businesses
  • Websites Up to 50 Pages
  • Minimum period - 6 months

Mid Big Plan

BGN per month
  • Medium - Large Businesses
  • Websites 50 - 200 Pages
  • Minimum period - 6 months

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