Radi Georgiev

Radi Georgiev - Founder & CEO of SEOble Ltd.

Radi Georgiev is the founder and managing director of SEOble Ltd.

I entered the world of advertising and web technologies in 2003 and founded the company in early 2019, after 16 years of training and experience in the industry.

Who am I – Father, Husband, Ideologue and Professional.

“My vision of success is not the capitalist model of constant scaling (corporate greed). It is important for me to have enough to be happy and at peace with myself. To be proud of what you have achieved and not work in compromise with the principles and your beliefs.” – Radi Georgiev


Radi Georgiev certificate - Search Engine Optimization
Radi Georgiev certificate - Digital Marketing SEO SoftUni
Radi Georgiev certificate - New Requirements for Online Trading within the European Union
Radi Georgiev certificate - Online Advertising Conference