Copywriting Essentials Guidelines

Copywriting Content Highlights for Digital Environment

Internal On-Page site-level optimization and Copywriting are the most important optimization parameters in general! The content is king!
The Content – needs to be written with an idea, written by a man – written for other people.


What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is any commercial text in which there is a call to a targeted user asking for a specific action.
The purpose of any copywriting text is to make the reader do something. Most often – “to be useful to him, to inspire him to share it, to see more content on the website, subscribe, buy, etc…”

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO Copywriting is the strategy to create useful, unique, relevant, valuable, and exciting content, targeted by key-phrases, people questions or specific topics so that it’s ready to be shared by people online or make another interaction. That’s why you do not forget the sharing buttons at the bottom. SEO texts must step on semantic research of the specific niche or topic in order to be as effective as possible.


It’s a specialized form of creating (writing) ONLINE content that aims to:

  • contains the search queries (key-phrases/words) that are required by target people in the search engines;
  • helps the website’s content for better ranking in the search engine results pages (SERP);
  • has the potential to bring high-quality traffic – organic traffic;


SEO Copywriting – the content itself is the basis of the overall WEB performance.
Everything that wants to be recognizable and foundable on the Internet, and what will say to those who are looking for it relies on content.
The specific brand, person or product is determined by the content that comes out of it.
Prove with content that you are the top professional in your field – this is the key to success in a digital environment.
Therefore, content is primarily a responsibility!
Whatever it is – texts, videos, images, graphs, tables, statistics, charts, interviews, polls – the richer and more varied mean the better SEO performance.


We are also guided by the specifics of the Internet and the search engine’s polynomial algorithm:

  • how people are looking for in them;
  • with what words/queries, with what expressions;
  • and of course, how search engines respond to this;

Checklist of Single page Copywriting Text requirements for Better Ranking in the Search Engines

Read a few writing tips which will help to improve your website single-page content to be better ranked in the search engines results.
But don’t take too technical these criteria – the key is in the authorship!

• Lack of all kinds of spelling and punctuation errors.

• The text has to be at least 2,000 characters (350 words) without spaces but less than 1000 words – deal at 600 – 800 words.
(you can use a spreadsheet formula or a tool for counting – for example: or

• Focus the single page content to be optimized for one main topic and a low count of key-phrases / keywords
(1 main is recommended ant It’s long-tails – to follow the focus and the correct hierarchy is really important and highly recommended).

• Contains your main key-phrase at least twice in the content – At the beginning of the first paragraph is a must and also include It in the last paragraph.

• Contains single and plural of the main keywords and their synonyms.

• Contains other words and expressions for which other sites on their pages are also writing on the same topic (research on competitors’ pages if you do not know them).

• Contains user-friendly useful and unique content, not only fill with “bla-bla” to get the number of words. Less is more when It is unique and useful.

• The presence of short and meaningful headings with the right keywords.
Use only one main H1 heading for a single WEB page – contains the main topic of the page, no matter what kind of a WEB page we talk about!

• The text content needs a minimum of 2 relevant subheadings – This will form the correct hierarchy, sequence and structure of the content.

• The subheadings <h2, h3 etc.> have to meet the basic sub-themes of the main theme which is the text about.

• A single text paragraph is better to be no more than 500 characters (80-90 words).

• One sentence is better to be no more than 250 characters (20 – 30 words). Readability is an SEO factor also.

• Use short & clear sentences – with the idea that the text can be perceived by an 8-year-old child.

• The page is good to contain themed images or infographics between paragraphs.

• The page is good to contain a list or a table.

• Verification for the absence of too many input keywords and redundant words – not use the main keyword too many times.

• The text has to contain specific thematic terms to give a theming of the landing page.

• Do not use special characters – or limit them to a minimum.

• Use the “strong” tag instead “bold” tag.

• The presence of internal and external links (not too many 3-5) to relevant pages by theme. Talk about user-friendly resources on the topic:
– internal links to other pages on the same topic on the current website.
– external links to other sites (only links to quality sites, that are not competitors, with higher domain rating than the website where the content will be).
– set all external links with “nofollow” attribute and open in new tabs.
Use an SEO tool to compare Domain ratings – for example: or

• When creates links in the text content use long-term unique anchor texts with a current key phrase – not only “click here” or “see more”.

• The text needs at least 95% of text uniqueness.
You can use similar tools to check for content uniqueness, duplicate content or plagiarism: and


Specifics of SEO Copywriting:

Write content for the people, not for the bots!
Be an author! Writing charming stories!
And the primary for the story that tells in one copy text – the main purpose of copywriting is the impact on consciousness!
What distinguishes a copywriter is not just writing literacy or good, but having a desire to write!

When it is necessary to write a large number of texts, it is particularly important that they are written in a quality way and each of them is unique. That is, when 60 texts are written for websites, each one must be unique and different from the rest 59 and should not be copied from anywhere on the web. Texts already indexed by search engines (texts already posted on a site) are not good on Google.

Everything starts and ends with the content!

If we do not write anything interesting, there is no one who will post a link to us.
Even if we do a link building alone, it will not make sense – users will come to the page, see that the content is garbage and leave it. They will not be able to understand the benefits of the product or service we sell.
Such pages have no chance of high ranking. In a low or medium niche, you can also bring them to the top 10, but only for a short time.
Because this page will have a terribly low CTR and very high Bounce Rate and Google will reduce them – also some of the sites ranked on the first page for good trafficking keywords are checked manually by Google Moderators!


Author: Radi Georgiev – Owner & Founder of SEOble Ltd.
Inspired by a lection of Lubomir Lubomirov for SEO copywriting